9 Best Weighing Scales in Singapore Reviewed (2020)

Best Weighing Scale Singapore

Having a personal weighing scale at home is very convenient. You can check on your weight loss journey after an intense workout. Seeing a lower number gives you the motivation to push through and continue.


Nowadays, there are many different types of weighing scales available. Some are smart weighing scales, which can also take your body fat percentage. With so many choices, it can be hard to choose the perfect one for you. But don’t worry, we have scoured through hundreds of different models. Here are the best weighing scales that you can buy in Singapore today!



1. Xiaomi Mi Smart Body Weighing Scale

Best smart weighing scale

Xiaomi Mi Smart Body Weighing Scale

  • Accurate weight measurement up to 50grams intervals
  • BIA chip to measure body fat percentage
  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • iOS and Android app available
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As with all Xiaomi products, the Mi Smart Body Weighing Scale offers excellent value-for-money. It is a highly sophisticated smart bathroom scale that comes with a very affordable price tag.


Firstly, it looks great. With a minimalistic white design, it’ll fit easily into any home or bathroom design. Beyond its looks, under the hood, it is a top-notch smart weighing scale. It can weigh up to 150kg with 50-gram intervals. Additionally, it can also measure your body fat percentage, which is what is more important than weight fluctuations.


You can connect this smart scale to the Mi App, which is available on the iOS and Android ecosystems. Through the app, you can check out data such as your BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, ideal body weight, body type and even a total health score. This amazing Xiaomi weighing scale will help you reach all your health goals.



2. Withings Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale

Withings Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale

  • Holistic health measurement from weight to body fat
  • Syncs with many health apps like Fitbit, Apple Health
  • Recognizes up to 8 different users automatically
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The Withings/Nokia Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale is a premium smart weighing scale that has everything you need and more. It may cost more than the average weighing scale, but its wide range of features fully justifies its higher price.


It analyzes every aspect of your body and health so that you can know what to work on. Besides weight, it also measures your body fat, water percentage, bone and muscle mass. Furthermore, it can sync all these data to health apps which are popularly used such as Apple Health. You can also download the Health Mate app for free.


Every aspect of this weighing scale is well-thought out. It can manage up to 8 different user profiles. Once you step on the scale, it will recognize you from your data. You can use this scale to track the health and growth of your entire family. For the best quality weighing scale, you won’t go wrong with this Withings model,



3. Watsons Electronic Body Scale

Watsons Electronic Body Scale

  • Measure body weight, body fat, water, muscle and bone mass
  • Simple design that is easy to operate
  • Turns on automatically once you step on


The Watsons Electronic Body Scale offers a user-friendly experience that will not intimidate a first-time user. Some weighing scales now feel like full-fledged smartphones with all their synchronization features – but not this simple-to-use weighing scale.


Once you step on, it turns on and starts measuring. It can provide you with data from your weight to your body fat percentage and even your bone and muscle mass — basically, most of the data that you will need or want to know. If you want a simple and efficient weighing scale, this is the one to get. (plus it is very affordable too)



4. Omron HN-289EB Digital Weighing Scale

Omron HN-289EB Digital Weighing Scale

  • 4 sensors for super accurate measurement 
  • Slim, sleek and portable design
  • Weight metrics in kilograms, pounds or stones
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If you want precise accuracy, then go for the Omron HN-289EB Digital Weighing Scale. Omron is a well-known brand in the healthcare scene, known for its top-quality blood pressure monitors. All their products are highly accurate and trusted by millions around the world.


Honestly, this weighing scale doesn’t have many bells and whistles. It is simply good at measuring your weight. It doesn’t measure your body fat or anything else. But in terms of its primary job of accurate weight measurement, none can beat it.



5. MedCheck Body Fat Weight Scale

MedCheck Body Fat Weight Scale

  • Measures weight, body fat, water, muscle and bone mass
  • Readings syncs to app by Bluetooth
  • 2-year warranty
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MedCheck is a local brand that has garnered a growing reputation for producing quality health measurement products. The MedCheck Body Fat Weight Scale is another one of their successes.


It offers very accurate measurement of your body weight, fat percentage and 3 other vital stats. How the measurements are done is by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) results in very accurate numbers.


Also, you can sync those measurements easily into your smartphone through Bluetooth. Through their app, you can track your measurement history easily. Support a growing local brand that offers great quality by getting this Medcheck Weighing Scale.



6. German Style USB Digital Body Weighing Scale

Cheap weighing scale

German Style USB Digital Body Weighing Scale

  • Very affordable price tag
  • Beautiful rose gold design
  • USB charging to save on buying batteries


If you want a cheap weighing scale then the German Style USB Digital Body Weighing Scale would be perfect. It costs less than half the usual price of one. At the same time, it still works great. So you will be getting a great deal!


We like the rose gold design that really makes it stand out. Also, you won’t have to waste money buying batteries for this scale as you can charge it through a USB cable. It turns on once you step on it making it very convenient to weigh yourself. It proves that you can get a good weighing scale even on a tight budget.



7. Remax RL-LF02 Smart Scale

Remax RL-LF02 Smart Scale

  • Measures 10 different health indicators
  • Easy-to-use app to track your measurements
  • Available in 16 different languages


For a smart scale, the Remax RL-LF02 is considerably cheap, especially with its wide-ranging features and capabilities. Beyond measuring only your weight, it can help you keep track of 9 other measurements. With it, you can get a holistic picture of your health journey.


You can also connect the weighing scale to the free app so that you can view the changes over time easily. We also like that the weighing scale has 16 different languages – very useful, especially if you have elderly folks in your household. For its low price, you get virtually everything you need in a smart weighing scale. Definitely a good buy!



8. Digital Smart Weighing Scale

Digital Smart Weighing Scale

  • 12 data points with every measurement
  • Futuristic cool black design
  • USB charging for easy convenience


At first glance, this Digital Smart Weighing Scale doesn’t even look like one. It looks like something from the future because of its cool and sleek design. You will love it because it will fit right in the design of a modern home.


Also, it is a wonderfully comprehensive device. Every measurement gives you 12 different data points such as your body fat and various masses. You can charge the device with a USB connection and skip the additional expense of batteries. You definitely won’t be disappointed with this full-featured weighing scale.



9. iScale Digital Body Weighing Scale

iScale Digital Body Weighing Scale

  • Weighs up to 180kg accurately
  • Lightweight, portable and slim
  • Cheap and good
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If you don’t need any fancy measurements other than your weight, then consider the iScale Digital Body Weighing Scale. It is the definition of cheap and good. Oh and not to forget, it is pretty well-designed as well. You will like its slim profile, which makes it easy to keep after use.


With a measurement capability of up to 180kg, it can be used by almost anyone. It doesn’t need batteries but instead gets its power from easy USB charging. Overall, we only have good things to say about this weighing scale even if it wasn’t so cheap.


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