10 Best Wine Coolers and Chillers in Singapore For Your Home

Are you a wine connoisseur who is searching for the next leap in enjoying wines? Or perhaps your beloved wine collection has grown far beyond the confines of your home’s refrigerator? A wine cooler would be the perfect present for yourself and your ever-growing wine stash. Over at Drum It Loud, we have spent hours researching the best wine chillers out there. Here are the best wine coolers you can get in Singapore today!



1. Europace EWC 1331S Wine Cooler

Best Mid-Sized Wine Cooler

Europace EWC 1331S

  • Fit up to 33 bottles
  • Beautiful interior and exterior
  • Anti-vibration
  • Intuitive touch panel controls
  • 1-year warranty
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The classy looking Europace EWC 1331S is one of the most popular wine chiller models. Looking at it, we can see why! It has a spacious interior that can fit 33 bottles of delicious wine. Both its interior and exterior are beautifully designed. Its internal shelving is made of luxurious chrome. Warm lights illuminate the interior of the EWC 1331S. A 3-layered transparent glass door serves as insulation and also allows you to easily admire your collection of wines.


Additionally, it is built to be anti-vibration to ensure your wines are kept in their pristine condition. You can easily control the temperatures and settings of the Europace EWC 1331S through its touch panel.


The Europace EWC 1331S is truly a high-quality fridge for your wines and would be a perfect fit for your modern home.



2. Kadeka KA24WR Wine Fridge

Professional Compact Wine Chiller

Kadeka KA24WR

  • Stores 24 bottles of goodness
  • Humidity box for the perfect condition
  • Temperatures from 5 to 18 degrees
  • High-quality fittings and build
  • 1-year warranty
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Just a glance at the Kadeka KA24WR Wine Chiller and it is evident that it is a high-end and professional setup. A closer look at its features and specifications confirms this. It has a humidity box that stabilizes the perfect conditions for your wines to thrive. Your wines are further protected by its auto-defrost function. Go ahead and splurge on that expensive bottle of wine, the Kadeka KA24WR will keep it perfectly chilled till you’re ready to pop it open.


If you are looking for a professional setup for a small to medium sized wine collection, the Kadeka KA24WR fits the bill.



3. Farfalla FWC-JC33 Wine Cooler

High-Quality Compact Wine Cellar

Farfalla FWC-JC33

  • Fit a total of 12 bottles
  • Dual and wide temperature range
  • Auto defrost function to prevent ice build up
  • 1-year warranty
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Farfalla FWC-JC33 is a well-built wine cooler with a bevy of high-quality bells and whistles. It is perfect if you plan to store a range of reds, whites, and champagnes. The first thing that stands out is its wide span of temperature settings. The cooler is actually divided into an upper and lower compartment. You can set temperatures ranging from 12 to 18 and 8 to 18 degrees Celsius for the upper and lower sections, respectively. The additional function allows you to customize 2 different settings for your poison of choice.


Furthermore, the Farfalla FWC-JC33 has an automatic defrost cycle that helps to ensure that your wines will not be damaged by ice build up. With a focus on low vibrations, Farfalla has also reduced the number of moving and mechanical parts. You can trust that your wines are well taken care of if you decide to purchase the Farfalla FWC-JC33.



4. Farfalla FWC-41EC Wine Cooler

Value for Money Small Wine Fridge

Farfalla FWC-41EC

  • 12 bottle capacity
  • Modern and professional look
  • Sturdy yet slim build
  • Beautiful blue LED interior lighting
  • 2-year warranty
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Farfalla FWC-41EC is a wine cooler that balances a premium look with an affordable price tag. With its nice metallic finish, it would not look out of place in a high-end restaurant beside for its smaller capacity. With a slim fit, it will fit easily into a corner in your kitchen without taking up too much space. Its internal wooden racking also adds to its high-end look. Additionally, it comes with blue LED lighting that can be turned on all the time or when you open it. The Farfalla FWC-41EC is truly a perfect and compact wine fridge to highlight your precious wine collection.


Its temperature range is relatively wide, from 7 to 17-degree Celsius, so you can choose your preferred temperature to enjoy your wines at. Farfalla FWC-41EC combines elegance with functionality and would be one of the top choices for a small wine chiller.



5. Farfalla FWC-40BK Wine Cooler

Cheapest Wine Chiller

Farfalla FWC-40BK

  • Decent capacity of 12 bottles
  • Super budget friendly
  • Relatively lightweight and portable
  • 1-year warranty
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Starting to get into collecting wines? The Farfalla FWC-40BK is a great starter wine cooler that is easy on the wallet. You can store up to 12 bottles of wine in it. Great when you are starting to build up a small collection of wines! With its thermoelectric cooling system propelling a nice temperature range of 12 to 18degrees Celsius, your wines will be in the perfect hands.


A 2-layered anti-violet glass door will protect your previous wines from any sunrays that may enter your house. At a weight of 13.8kg, it is one of the most portable wine cellars around. You will be able to move it around relatively easily if needed. The Farfalla FWC-40BK is a simple wine cooler that does its most important job well. It keeps your wine in good condition so that you can enjoy them whenever you want.



6. Aerogaz Wine Cooler AZ-120C

AZ-120C Wine Cooler

  • 12 bottle capacity
  • Sleek anti-UV mirror glass
  • Zero vibration design
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We like the slim and sleek design of the Aerogaz Wine Cooler AZ-120C. Its sleekness is enhanced by its mirror glass door which keeps UV rays out so that your precious wine bottles are kept safely. Additionally, there is zero vibration, so your wines will be in optimum condition.


This wine chiller can store up to 12 bottles of wine. Temperature settings are adjustable so you can vary it depending on the best optimal temperature for your wines. It is also equipped with an air filter that keeps contaminants out. Because the air filter is detachable, you can remove it for periodic cleaning easily.


The Aerogaz Wine Cooler AZ-120C is a sleek, modern and compact wine chiller that is perfect for most homes.



7. Kadeka KA110WR Wine Cellar

Professional Wine Cooler

Kadeka KA110WR freezer

  • Generous space for 110 bottles
  • High-quality functions and features
  • Modern and sleek design
  • 1-year warranty
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If you find this model familiar, you’ve probably seen it in a high-end restaurant before. The Kadeka KA110WR Wine Cellar has a huge space that allows you to stock up to 110 bottles of wines. Some of its features include automatic defrosting, a charcoal filter and a temperature range of 7 to 18 degrees Celsius. These quality features contribute to its ability to store wines in an optimal condition. With 11 sliding shelves, your wines can be neatly arranged and admired through its 3-layered glass door. If you are seeking a wine chiller that is loved by high-end F&B establishments, the Kadeka KA110WR is a perfect choice.



8. Europace EWC 6910 Wine Cooler

Europace EWC 6910 Wine Cooler

  • Spacious capacity for up to 91 bottles
  • Classy wooden shelves
  • Anti-UV and anti-vibration
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Are you a serious wine collector who wants a wine fridge that is super spacious but doesn’t burn too big a hole in your wallet? Then you have got to check out the Europace EWC 6910 Wine Cooler. It is the most budget-friendly wine cooler with a huge capacity.


In this wine cooler, you can store up to 91 bottles on its beautiful and classy wooden shelves. Inside, there are blue LED interior lights that help to add another touch of glamour. There are two zones so that you can separate your wines and set a different temperature for each zone.


At about half the price of some other large wine fridges, the Europace EWC 6910 Wine Cooler is an excellent budget buy for serious wine collectors.



9. Mayer MMWC92MAG Wine Cooler

Mayer MMWC92MAG Wine Cooler

  • 12 beautiful wooden shelves
  • Dual-zone temperature variation
  • Temperature control of 5 to 22 degrees
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With a total storage capacity of 92 bottles, the Mayer MMWC92MAG Wine Cooler is the perfect gift for a wine lover. You can store a large variety of wines seamlessly on its 12 removable wooden shelves.


There is the option to vary the temperature in two different zones so that your reds and wines can be separated to the optimal temperature. You can also control the temperature settings to range from 5 to 22 degrees celsius. For its huge size and quality finishing, this Mayer Wine Cooler isn’t too pricey as well.



10. Bosch KSW 38940 Wine Cellar

Best High Quality and Large Capacity Wine Chiller

Bosch KSW 38940

  • A true wine cellar with 198 bottles
  • 2 temperature zones for customizability
  • Classy and high-quality furnishings
  • Auto defrost and drainage
  • 1-year warranty
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The party never stops with the amazing Bosch KSW 38940 Wine Cellar. With a capacity of 198 bottles, your dinner party can go on for months! You’ll never need to worry about a guest’s glass being empty. Bosch KSW 38940 is a great alternative to store your wines rather than spending tens of thousands to build a wine cellar.


It has all the features that will help keep your precious wine collection in pristine shape.  A wide temperature range of 5 to 22 degrees Celsius and multiple refrigeration zones allow for the customization of temperatures for different alcohols. An automatic defrost function together with condensation draining means there is little manual upkeep for the storage of more than 200 wines.


Looking for the best? You will not regret choosing the Bosch KSW 38940 Wine Cellar.


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Benefits of a wine cooler


Being able to store and serve wines at the ideal temperature will enhance your enjoyment of your wine collection. The taste and also mouthfeel of wine will feel different when it is well-taken care of. If you have spent good money on your wine collection, a small investment in a wine cooler will definitely be worth it.


A wine cooler will also protect your wines. There are a number of factors that may affect the condition of a wine. Wine coolers help to maintain a vibration-free environment that allows a bottle of wine to age naturally. It is also fitted with thick glass that protects it from the humid and hot Singapore weather. If you love your wines, protect them with a wine fridge!


Great for hosting house parties as it provides additional beverage storage space. If you host gathering and celebrations on a regular basis, a wine cooler will be very useful. Often you will find that there is insufficient space in the regular refrigerator for your wines and beers. With a wine cooler, that problem is solved immediately!


Wine cooler vs fridge


Fridges are not made for keeping wines. They are a decent way of keeping your wines chilled but often degrades the quality of the wine because of its sub-optimal temperature and conditions. Here are some reasons why fridges are not the best place to keep your wines.


The first reason is that temperatures in the fridge are always changing. How many times do you open your fridge door every single day? 5, 10 or even 20 times? Every time you open it, temperatures in the fridge rise and fluctuate. Also, when you put room temperature or warm items into the fridge, it will also affect the internal temperature of the fridge for hours. A wine needs to be kept at a stable temperature so a fridge is not the right answer.


On the contrary, temperatures in a wine cooler are strictly regulated. Furthermore, the number of times a wine cooler is opened a day is much less than a normal fridge. With only wines being stored in it, there is also less chance of contamination. As a specialized fridge for wines, a wine fridge will obviously outperform a regular fridge.



When to use a wine cooler


Expensive bottles of wine deserve more love. If your collection includes wines that cost more than $100, a wine cooler is a must. Given that a small wine fridge only cost around $200, it is a worthy investment for your precious and expensive wine collection.


Extensive collections mean a wine cooler is essential. If you find that your fridge contains more than 6 bottles of wine on a regular basis, it is time to consider getting a wine cooler. It will free up space in your regular fridge and also keep your wines in optimal conditions.



Features and functions you should consider


How much space do you need? If you are just starting out, a small wine cooler with 12 bottle space may be a good starter. If you have an extensive collection of more than 100 bottles, an investment in a professional type wine chiller may be a better alternative. Even professional grade wine coolers are more cost-effective than an actual wine cellar, especially in land-scarce Singapore.


Do you need a dual-zone or single zone wine cooler? Red and white wines have slightly different optimal storage temperatures. For reds, it is between 13 to 18 degrees Celsius. For whites, the recommended temperature is between 7 to 13 degrees Celsius. If you like both red and white wine, a dual-zone wine cooler would be the obvious choice. They are only slightly pricer but allow for more customization in terms of temperatures for your collection.


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