9 Cheap TV Consoles in Singapore (2023) From $119

Cheap TV Console Singapore

Finding a quality and affordable TV console in Singapore can be a challenge. That is why we decided to do some in-depth searching to find the best deals for our readers. Here are all the cheap TV consoles that offer the best value-for-money in Singapore!



1. Emelie TV Console

Emelie TV Console

  • Traditional Danish design
  • Stylish and affordable
  • Smooth sliding door for easy access
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We love the Emelie TV Console for its beautiful pairing of oak and white. This is a Danish-inspired design that makes your living room feel more cozy and homey. The entire TV console measures 1.6m and can fit large-screen TVs. The entire structure is well-built, sturdy and supported by natural oak legs.


This TV console also offers a good amount of storage space inside its shelves. To get access to the storage space, you just need to push along its smooth sliding door. The Emelie TV Console is also available in walnut if you prefer a darker colour.


Click here to check out the Emelie TV Console on HipVan’s website!



2. JAFAR Modern TV Console

JAFAR Modern TV Console

  • Beautiful natural wood colour
  • 5 shelving compartments for storage
  • Solid build supported by stable wood legs
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If you like the minimalist theme, the JAFAR Modern TV Console would be perfect. It looks like beautiful real wood but is actually made of fibreboard, which is very durable. You can enjoy the elegant look of wood without paying over-the-top prices.


With 5 different compartments, you can easily fit all your media devices, remote controls and miscellaneous items inside. The length of the TV console is 150cm which is large enough to fit a 55-inch TV with space to spare. Overall, this JAFAR TV Console is an excellent deal in terms of design and also pricing – so don’t miss out on it!



3. AIDEAL.sg TV Console and Storage Box

AIDEAL.sg TV Console and Storage Box

  • Modular construction for maximum flexibility
  • Unique design good for storage
  • White, brown and black colours available
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The modular design of the AIDEAL.sg TV Console makes it an excellent buy for almost anywhere. The modular nature allows a great deal of flexibility for you to play around with in terms of design and also expanding the amount of space.


You can extend it to create more surface area or fold it in to take up less space. At maximum length, it can go up to 160cm. However, do note that if you have a large TV, this console may not be suitable. It is more for TVs that around 42 inches. With the choice of white, brown or black, you’ll be able to choose one that best suits your living room. Best of all, this TV console costs less than $100 when we last checked. So it is a fantastic deal!



4. UMD Nordic Scandinavian TV Console

UMD Nordic Scandinavian TV Console

  • Luxurious and classy design
  • Excellent workmanship that makes a top-quality product
  • Long and spacious
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From our first look at the UMD Nordic Scandinavian TV Console, we fell in love with it. It looks like a piece of designer furniture with its luxurious and classy exterior. Every part of this TV console is very well-made. The workmanship is high quality which means you get a durable and long-lasting TV console.


With a total length of 190cm, this TV console is perfect if you want extra storage or have a large TV. Another plus point is how fast the delivery is. You will get it within the week and most likely much faster than that. So if you want a beautiful TV console that is ready almost immediately, this would be the one for you.



5. Benice 2 Tier TV Console

Benice 2 Tier TV Console

  • Portable with wheels attachment
  • 2-tier compartments for storage
  • Perfect for a small space
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If you are looking for the compact TV console, the Benice 2-Tier TV Console is it. Not only is it small and lightweight, but you can also even move it around because it comes on wheels. That is wonderful because you won’t need to lug an entire TV console along with a TV around.


With a 60cm length, it is still wide enough to fit a small to medium-sized TV. Below it is two levels of storage space. The lowest level comes with a glass door to help protect against dust. Small, portable and cheap, this Benice TV console is a dream for small spaces.



6. Delli TV Console

Delli TV Console

  • Lasting laminated finish
  • 4-inch sturdy metal legs
  • Comes in walnut, cherry red or white
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What we really like about the Delli TV Console is its slightly higher legs at 4-inches. It gives a nice gap that is perfect for you or your robot vacuum cleaner to clean. Some other TV consoles make it very hard to clean the bottom of the floor because the gap is too tiny. If you are a clean freak, you’ll find this design a godsend.


This TV Console also comes with a large open compartment and 2 drawers at the bottom. You can fit your media players in the open compartment and use the drawers for storage. Our personal favourite is the walnut colour, but it is available in cherry red and white as well.



7. Nordic Style TV Console

Cheapest TV console in Singapore

Nordic Style TV Console

  • Amazing value-for-money pricing
  • Minimalist Nordic designs
  • Many different colours and design available


Stylish designs at affordable prices – what is there not to love about these Nordic Style TV Consoles. We were shocked when we first saw the prices. Our next shock came when we saw their designs, which were almost similar to others priced 3 to 4 times its price. You have got to check them out!


All these designs are inspired by the minimalistic Nordic design principles of clear cut lines and simplicity. And there are 14 different designs and colour variation to select. There is one out there that is perfect for your living room. You don’t have to be limited in choices just because of budget constraints – these TV consoles prove that.



8. JIJI TV Console

JIJI TV Console

  • Amazing range of choices
  • Quality at a discount
  • Reputable online seller


If you have shopped online before, you might just have bought a JIJI product. They are a fast-growing e-commerce company that offers their customers the best value for their money. The range of JIJI TV Consoles is extensive. You could honestly find almost any design you want there. If you are looking for a cheap TV console, this is the place to find one.





  • Interesting combination of wood and metal
  • Adjustable feet which allow some height customization
  • Spacious storage space


When it comes to furniture, how can we forget about IKEA? The IKEA FJÄLLBO TV Console is very unique when compared to the standard TV console. It is constructed with a combination of wood and metal meshing that gives it an industrial feel.


Inside the mesh metal is spacious compartments which can fit pretty large items. You’ll probably be able to use it as a secondary storage space for your living room. As with all IKEA items, its price is relatively low if you don’t opt for delivery and installation. So, it is definitely worth considering!


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How to choose a TV console


1. How big is your TV

The size of your TV will determine the size of the TV console you need. Of course, your TV console can also be much larger than the space your TV needs if you need more storage space. However, the important thing is to choose one that will at least fit your TV.


In general, you’ll need about 10 to 20 cm of extra space on either side of your TV. If you have a 50-inch TV, you should get a TV console that is at least 55 to 60 inches. By following this principle, you’ll always have sufficient space for accessories like remote controls.


2. Do you need space for storage

If you need extra storage space, you should choose a TV console that has shelves or drawers. If you don’t need the storage, you can select a very simple TV console that will fit in the minimalistic style.


Some reasons why you would need storage space are things like additional media devices. For example, speakers, soundbars, TV boxes, Blu-ray player. You can even use the TV console as a charging station for your phones and tablets. Generally, we would recommend going for a TV console with at least 1 to 2 shelves even if you aren’t planning to use them now. In future, you may need it.


Usually, TV consoles with more storage space are slightly more expensive. That is because there are extra materials and workmanship needed to construct those additional compartments. However, paying a slight premium is worth it as it will provide you with much-needed storage space.


3. The design of your home

A TV console needs to match and enhance the design of your home. It should not clash with the overall style of your living room. If the current design follows a minimalistic route, you should definitely get a minimalist TV console.


The colour of the TV console should also match the overall colour scheme of your living room. It should not clash with the primary colours because you don’t want the TV console to be the eye-catching piece of furniture. It is meant to be more in the background. Other things like your sofa or coffee table should be the key focus for your living room.


4. Price

You’ll find that TV consoles in Singapore come in a wide range of prices. You can get a cheap one for less than $100 or a really expensive one for thousands of dollars. The difference in prices can be attributed to size, material, brand and design.


The smaller the size, the cheaper the TV console will be. Wood and metal are the two typical materials used in the construction of TV consoles. Pricey options include woods like oak and mahogany. If you don’t mind an OEM or non-branded model, you can save quite a bit of money. In terms of design, the general trend is the simpler the design, the lower the price. However, some simple designs can be very expensive as well if the TV console is branded and uses premium materials.


5. Standalone vs built-in TV console

Another consideration is whether to have a standalone or built-in TV console. There are pros and cons to either. Firstly, a standalone TV console is going to be more affordable than one that is built-in. Secondly, you can move a standalone TV console around if you want to redecorate or redesign your home. On the other hand, that is not possible with a built-in model.


A built-in TV console will tie in better with your home’s design because you can customize it to a greater extent. Standalone TV consoles are usually bought off the shelves, so there is less customization. Overall, it really depends on what you want. If you want a cheaper option, standalone TV consoles are the way to go. If you want more unique looks, a built-in TV console might be your preferred option.


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