Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review (2020) – Worth the Hype and Price?

Dyson Supersonic Review

After 12 hours of research, going through all the product specifications of the Dyson Supersonic, we think that it is the best hair dryer available right now. Click here to check the latest price of the Dyson Supersonic on Amazon.sg



Describe what a hair dryer looks like. If you were asked that question, your answer would pretty much sound the same as someone’s answer from the 2000s. Hair dryers have not had a revolutionary refresh in decades. Most of the improvements have been marginal and the shape of the hair dryer has always been a thin handle and a huge head. This all changes with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.

Over 100 million dollars spent on research and development. 5 long years of hard work by more than 100 engineers. More than 1600 kilometres of human hair used to perfect the hair drying process. A total of 600 prototypes created, with one resounding success, the Dyson Supersonic.

Dyson Supersonic


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When you see it for the first time, it completely smashes the traditional image of a hairdryer. It looks modern and futuristic. However, it comes with a shocking price tag. It is easily multiples of what you would pay for a typical hair dryer. But as we know, a good hair day is priceless. So the question is, does the Dyson Supersonic live up to its price tag? Let us find out! 



Great For All Hair Types – Comes With 3 Attachments


Dyson Supersonic Accessories


Regardless of your hair type, the Dyson Supersonic caters to each one as it comes with 3 different attachments. It is quite unusual for a hair dryer to come with this many attachments. On most occasions, you would have to purchase them as an add-on. This certainly helps to justify some part of its premium pricing.


Styling Concentrator


Ever felt like drying your hair takes an eternity? We have all been there. With the styling concentrator, it gathers the airflow and pushes it out in a concentrated burst to the exact area. This is great if you want to dry your hair in extra quick time.


In addition, you can also restyle a particular area of your hair without affecting the other parts of your perfected styled hair. Other hair dryers may simply mess up your entire head of hair, leaving you to start the entire stylish process all over again. With these benefits, the styling concentrator will be one of the favourite tools in your hair drying kit.


Smoothing Nozzle


Straight hair without a straightener? That is possible with the smoothing nozzle attachment. With the humid and hot climate in Singapore, it can be tough to maintain straight and silky smooth hair. Unfortunately, out of control hair and bad hair days are more common than we would want to admit.


So how do you usually use the smoothing nozzle? For faster drying, we would definitely use the styling concentrator first. After your hair is around 70 percent dry, switch to the smoothing nozzle. The result, a smooth, straight and lively head of hair that has a nice bounce.

Of course, the straightening result will not be as perfect if you use a straightener. However, it can achieve about 60 to 80 percent straightness depending on your hair type. Considering that you’ll need to spend an additional 30 to 40 minutes if you use a straightener, it’s pretty damn good!


Diffuser for Natural Wavy Hair


Wavy Hair


Natural, beautiful wavy hair is such a blessing to have. However, it is so difficult to maintain it, especially after washing it. The Dyson Supersonic comes with a diffuser that helps to dry your hair and leave it in its original and fabulous shape. It greatly reduces frizzes and helps to define your hair and its style. The diffuser would be a game changer for girls with natural curls.


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Magnetic Attachments – Simple and Intuitive


Click. That’s when you know you’ve successfully connected the attachment to the Dyson Supersonic. It is so simple to switch out and connect the 3 attachments. This is especially useful when you need to switch them out for another during a single session.


Twist and turn. Yank and jam with a dash of brute force. That’s the usual process to connect any attachment to other hair dryers. It takes time, effort and you may even burn your hand on the hot attachment while doing it. All these physical tortures also mean that the attachment is likely to lose its grip and firmness over time, meaning you would have to spend more money on a replacement in the near future.


Magnetic attachments are the future. Dyson Supersonic has unveiled the future to us early.



Super Easy to Use and Customize


With all its advanced features, we were initially wary if the Dyson Supersonic would be too complicated to use. But no, it is a joy to use. There are only 4 buttons to control its speed, temperature, power and cool air.

Dyson Supersonic Buttons

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There are 4 temperature settings:

  1. 100 degrees Celsius for quick drying and styling
  2. 80 degrees Celsius for normal drying
  3. 60 degrees Celsius for soft and light drying
  4. 28 degree Celsius for low-temperature drying


There are 3 speeds:

  1. Quick Drying
  2. Regular Drying
  3. Styling


Cold Shot Button

  1. Activates cool air that helps to set your hair after you are done with styling


With this customizability, you can choose the right temperature and speed at all times!



Inbuilt Ionizer


Say goodbye to flyaway and stray hairs. With an inbuilt ionizer which produces negative ions, it will help to quicken the drying process. In addition, it would reduce static electricity which could damage your hair.


Lightweight and Well-Balanced

Dyson Supersonic Light


When you first hold the Dyson Supersonic, it will feel completely different from any other hairdryer you have ever owned. It is super lightweight at only 618g. What makes it different is that its motor is situated in its handle. The V9 motor has been shrunk in size but surprisingly enhanced with even more power. It spins up to 6 times faster than other motors and revolves up to 110 thousand times per minute.


For traditional hair dryers, the motor is located in its head which makes it feel unbalanced and hard to hold. With most of the weight situated in the handle, it makes the Dyson Supersonic very comfortable to hold even for longer drying and styling sessions.


It is has a very sleek design that shrinks its size to a fraction of other hair dryers. Blow drying your hair can be a chore. The traditional hair dryer is heavy and you start to feel a strain after just a couple of minutes. The Dyson Supersonic will transform the blow drying session from one you hate to one you love.


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Super Safe – Say No to Tangled and Burnt Hair


Getting your hair stuck in the grills of your hair dryer is a painful and scary experience. For girls with longer hair, it is a constant struggle every time you use the hairdryer. There are no grills on the Dyson Supersonic. No holes for your hair to get stuck in. You will never feel the pain and discomfort of having your hair pulled by your hair dryer ever again.


Inconsistent temperatures are common on lower quality hair dryers. Did you know that if temperatures are at more than 150 degrees Celsius, your hair can get damaged? Dyson knows. That’s why they introduced the Intelligent Heat Control into the Supersonic. There is a sensor that checks the temperature of the hair dryer 20 times per second. This results in even drying that can help you maintain better and smoother hair. Also, it will keep the temperatures under 150 degrees Celsius at all times, ensuring your hair is never under threat of any damage.


Hair dryers tend to heat up internally and externally when you use them for extended periods of time. If you accidentally touch it, you can actually be burnt and hurt by them. Remaining cool to touch is one of the coolest (pun intended) aspects of the Dyson Supersonic. Even with prolonged usage, the hair dryer never feels too hot. This can be attributed to its Heat Shield technology which helps to enables its surfaces to never be hot even to hurt you.



Easy and Simple Maintenance


Dyson Filter CleaningThe Dyson Supersonic has an LED light that will alert you when you need to clean the filter. It is very easy to clean. You simply take off the bottom cover of the handle. Clean the filter and put the cover back on.


Beyond this occasional act of maintenance, the Dyson Supersonic is simply a plug and use hair dryer. It comes with a non-slip heat protectant pad that you can place it on after your blow drying.



Superbly Unique and Functional Design


Dyson has a history of producing unique designs. From their futuristic-looking vacuum cleaners to their bladeless fans, they have intrigued us. Needless to say, the Dyson Supersonic is another clear winner in unique and yet functional design. It is modern, stylish and futuristic and redefines the notion of a hairdryer.  


It comes with a 2.7m cord that is considerably long. Even if your power source is some distance away, it should not pose a problem. The cord is also substantially thick which implies quality. In our experience, the thicker the cord, the harder it is to get bent and spoilt. This level of quality is what you want when you are paying this sort of amount. Fret not, it also comes with a 2-year warranty. You want it to last many years and in our opinion, the Dyson will definitely be a long time staple in your beauty collection.



Blow Drying is no Longer Noise Pollution


In the silence of the dawn and night, turning on your hairdryer is extremely shocking to your sense of hearing. Entire households have been woken up by the loud rumbling of noisy hair dryers. Sometimes, it feels like you have lost 30% of your hearing temporarily after you are done with blow drying.


Through their research and innovation, Dyson has greatly reduced the noise you usually relate to hair drying. The motors in the handle are protected by noise silencers with a vibration mask system which can drown the acoustics of the motor. For a portion of the noise, Dyson has found a way to increase their frequency to levels beyond humans and dogs. What this means is that you will no longer feel like a noise terrorist the next time you use the hair dryer!



Dyson Supersonic vs A Cheaper Hair Dryer


If it was solely based on features and quality, the Dyson Supersonic would be a clear winner. However, we do have to take into account that it does carry a hefty price tag. Any other hair dryer would essentially be able to do the same primary job of drying your hair at a fraction of the price. So, is it still worth it?


Yes, it definitely is. We can see very clear positive results with the Dyson Supersonic. It drastically cuts down the blow drying time (around half according to our estimates). That means more time for beauty sleep. Hair also looks more beautiful and smooth.


We view the Dyson Supersonic as a good long-term investment for taking good care of your hair. Damaged and dry hair can be even more costly to fix with expensive treatment costs. On the contrary, having a beautiful hair day every day is close to priceless.


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