ErgoTune Supreme Review: Best Value-For-Money Ergonomic Office Chair

ErgoTune Supreme Office Chair

The ErgoTune Supreme by Ergoedge has become one of the most popular office chairs in Singapore over the past year. But they are not one to rest on their laurels. With feedback from their customers, the ErgoTune Supreme has undergone a redesign which furthers cements its place as one of the best office chair options.


We have been using the older version of the ErgoTune Supreme for the past 1 year and we love it. So far, we have tested out the newer edition for about 2 weeks and it has certainly impressed us. Continue reading to find out more why the ErgoTune Supreme is our favourite office chair!


Perfectly customizable for work, study and play


The ErgoTune Supreme is extremely customizable which makes it the perfect chair for doing work, studying, gaming or even relaxing. Comfort comes naturally when a chair is tailored to each person’s unique shape. A chair that doesn’t fit your body will cause aches, no matter how expensive it is. That’s why the ErgoTune Supreme is made to be insanely adaptable. It features 11 points of adjustments – so every body type can enjoy that perfect ergonomic fit.

ErgoTune Supreme

For example, when we were working on our computer, we adjusted the backrest angle to an upright position for more support. Additionally, the armrest angle and length can be both be adjusted so that your arms are in a comfortable position to use your keyboard and mouse. With the flexibility to adjust the chair to our preferences, we were able to better able to focus on our work at hand.


After a long day at work, the ErgoTune Supreme can be transformed into a chair for you to relax, read a book or watch some Netflix.

ErgoTune (Reclined)

We adjusted the backrest to a more reclined angle to get into a comfortable and relaxing position. When watching Netflix while sitting on this chair, it feels like you are having a Gold Class movie experience.


Adjustable backrest, headrest and armrest


As mentioned, the ErgoTune Supreme is an office chair that fits your body through its 11 adjustment points. Its backrest can be adjusted through the TrueTilt™ Precision Recline Controls which lets you control the recline angle and tension.

The TriTune™ 3D Support Headrest will solve any neck aches and pains. The headrest can be adjusted in upward, downward, forward and backward directions. You can find the perfect angle for your neck to rest on for maximum comfort. In the two GIFs, you can see the headrest tilt angle and height behind adjusted. Additionally, the headrest can also be extended forwards or retracted backwards.

Whether you are typing on your laptop, writing on a notepad or lying back to relax, the GyroBrace™ 5D Armrest lets you put your arms in the optimal position. This armrest can be adjusted to 5 different height levels and can be moved inwards and outwards. We found this feature especially useful when we were typing on our keyboard. Our arms felt no strain even when typing at high-speeds for a pretty long time.


Excellent lumbar support


Our spine has a natural curvature which needs to be supported especially when we are sitting on a chair for long hours. The Ergotune Supreme comes with ATLAS™ which stands for Auto Tuning Lumbar Area Support.

ErgoTune Lumbar

This lumbar support adapts to your spine as you lean on it. Having sat on this chair for at least 8 hours a day since we have gotten it, we could really feel the difference that this lumbar support brings. Most importantly, we had no aches or strains at all even after working for the whole day.


A chair that fits everyone


Because of its customizability, this office chair is designed to fit almost everyone. Based on their official guide, this chair is recommended for anyone between the heights of 150cm to 190cm. With its strong and secure aluminium base, it can also support weights of up to 150kg.


Breathable fabric for cooling comfort


If there is one thing that Singapore is infamous for is its extremely hot weather. While most of us have the luxury of air conditioning, turning it on for the entire day can be very expensive. That is why choosing an office chair with good breathability is very important. When trying out the ErgoTune Supreme, we didn’t feel the need to turn on the aircon.

ErgoTune Mesh Fabric

We learnt that the chair’s upholstery is made with the DuraWeave™ Hybrid Mesh. It combines fabric and polyester in a 2:1 blend which allows for excellent breathability and comfort. At the same time, this combination gives it good durability too. If you want an office chair that is perfect for Singapore’s hot weather, the ErgoTune Supreme is the one.


Ultra-smooth wheels for seamless movement


Ever had an office chair that took way too much effort to roll across the floor? Well, we definitely had such an experience with some other office chairs. The ErgoTune Supreme is the complete opposite as it felt almost effortless as we zoomed across our room while sitting in the chair.

ErgoTune Wheels

This smoothness is thanks to the industrial-grade stainless steel ball bearings inside the castor. Because the castors are coated with polyurethane, it also protects your floors from scratches so you can roll as much as you want.


A chair that lasts


Personally, we have been using the ErgoTune brand of chairs for about a year. Our older model of the ErgoTune Supreme still works and looks great. Even though we now have the newer refreshed version, the older model is still in use by our family. The build quality of both the ErgoTune chairs is excellent. Adjusting the headrest, backrest and other features feel as smooth as on the first day we got it. We have confidence that the new version of the ErgoTune Supreme will live up to its predecessor’s excellent build quality.


ErgoTune also provides up to 12 years of limited warranty for their office chairs. The skeletal frame, aluminium frame, wheelbase and polyamide frame are covered by up to 12 years. Meanwhile, their lumbar support, central mechanism hub, armrest mechanism and castor mechanism are covered for up to 8 years.


A mid-price option that is value-for-money


Priced at $599 at launch, the ErgoTune Supreme offers good value-for-money especially when you consider its wide-ranging features and excellent build quality. Of course, there are definitely cheaper office chairs out there. However, they are usually less comfortable and also offer poorer support for your back. This could result in long-term health problems.


On the other hand, there are also office chairs that cost more than $1000. In our opinion, we feel that the ErgoTune Supreme provides similar features, functions and flexibility, compared to chairs more expensive that it. Because ErgoTune uses a direct-to-consumer model, they can offer a high-quality chair that a more affordable price point.


A showroom for you to test it out


Although the ErgoTune Supreme is sold online, they do have a physical showroom for you to try out their range of office chairs.

ErgoTune Location

The showroom is located at 110 Lor 23 Geylang, #07-09, Victory Centre, Singapore 388410. Conveniently, it is just opposite Aljunied MRT. Over there, you can also check out Ergoedge standing desks which are another great option for improving your workplace ergonomics.


Delivery and assembly options


The good news is that ErgoTune offers free delivery to anywhere in Singapore (additional $15 for Sentosa and Jurong Island). There is an additional surcharge of $20 per floor for places with no lift access. If you are good at DIY, you can opt for self-assembly as it takes just 6 steps and about 20 minutes to fix up the chair. We opted for them to assemble it because it was still pretty affordable, costing only an additional $19.


ErgoTune Supreme – The Best Ergonomic Office Chair


If you’re looking for an affordable and ergonomically-designed office chair, we would highly recommend the ErgoTune Supreme. You can find out more at ErgoTune’s website. You can enjoy the special launch price of $599 (usual price $750). From 1st Oct to 31st October, you can use the promo code DRUMITLOUD30 for an additional $30 OFF.


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