Joven Instant and Storage Water Heaters Review (2023): Should You Buy?

Founded in 1983, Joven has seen incredible growth since then. While they started with only 4 employees, they have grown their workforce to more than 150. Their water heaters are now manufactured in a 118000 square feet high-tech facility, a far cry from their initial starting space of only 2000 square feet.


Their water heaters first entered the Singapore market in 1985. From that point, Joven has become synonymous with quality water heaters that are wallet-friendly. Joven water heaters are very popular and you’ll definitely know a friend or family member who uses it.



Joven’s water heaters reliability and safety


Joven is an established brand that is trusted by both consumers and businesses. Their water heaters can be found in many Singapore and Malaysia homes. In Malaysia, Joven also is involved in many commercial projects such as condominiums, landed properties and even hotels.


All of their water heaters have been approved by authorities in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. That is no surprise given Joven’s commitment to quality and safety control. Their manufacturing process is ISO 9001 certified, showing their efficiency and effectiveness. A Joven water heater will make your home safer and better.



Joven and continual innovation


Joven water heaters are being improved on continually. Joven’s motto is “Bringing Innovation Home”. They are committed to using the newest technology and methods to create products that are the best in performance. Their hope is that their innovations will make your home a better place. When you buy a Joven water heater you can sure that you’re getting a quality product!



Joven Instant Water Heaters Models


Joven has a total of 10 different product lines for instant water heaters. Within those product lines are up to 10 different models. With up to 100 different instant water heaters to choose from, it can be very confusing. That is why we have narrowed now the choices to 4 of the water heaters that we think is the best. If you choose any of them, you won’t be disappointed.



1. Joven SA20 Instant Water Heater

Joven SA20 Instant Water Heater

  • Consistently warm water every single time
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Modern and sleek design
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The Joven SA20 is a top-quality water heater that has top-notch performance matched by its modern design. It comes with a shower head that has 3 different spray patterns that will give you a different shower experience each time. You can also accurately control the water temperature you want as it has a stepless electronic control.


More importantly, the Joven SA20 is a very safe and reliable water heater. It has an inbuilt surge protector and is also IP25 splash-proof. You won’t have to worry with a Joven water heater in your home!


The Joven SA20 is a really good looking water heater. It has a matte silver casing that gives it a modern and futuristic look. Your bathroom will look even better with the SA20 Water Heater. Also, you can upgrade your shower experience by choosing the rainshower add-on option. It is a very value-for-money way to add a luxurious rainshower to your bathroom.


Looking for a water heater that looks as good as its performance? Definitely consider the Joven SA20 Water Heater!



2. Joven SB11 Instant Water Heater

Joven SB11 Instant Water Heater

  • Excellent build quality that lasts for years
  • Instant and constant warm water
  • 5 relaxing spray options for shower
  • Water-saving system
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The Joven SB11 is one of the most reliable water heaters in the market. It has been available for a few years now, but still maintains its position as of the most sought-after water heaters. Why is that so? It is because customers recognise that it is made with high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. Combined, it creates a water heater that can serve you for many years.


You can also opt for the SB11 rainshower set if you want to upgrade your bath experience. And don’t worry about water usage as it comes with a control and stop valve that helps to regulate water flow effectively. It is a very water-efficient water heater. That is important if you have a bigger family as these water savings can really add up!


The Joven SB11 Water Heater should be included in your consideration if you want a long-lasting water heater.



3. Joven SL30 Instant Water Heater

Joven SL30 Instant Water Heater

  • Accurate shower temperatures
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Water-saving capabilities
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The Joven SL30 Instant Water Heater is one that ticks all the right boxes. Firstly, it has a slim and sleek exterior that exudes all the beauty if minimalism. The inside of the water heater is as similarly impressive.


It has a stepless electronic control that allows you to choose the exact temperature you want while helping you save energy concurrently. Water control is done by its ceramic valve that allows just the right amount of water through to cut down water wastage. Additionally, it has an inbuilt water filter that helps to remove any unwanted particles from disturbing your precious bath time.


It has 3 different spray patterns (strong, mixed and low pressure) that you can choose from. There will always be one that is perfect for you and your family members. Similarly, you can also choose to add on a rain shower set for a small price. Worth considering for sure!


The Joven SL30 has a mid-range price that belies its high-quality performance. You must consider it when selecting a new water heater!



4. Joven EC757 Instant Water Heater

Joven EC757 Instant Water Heater

  • Consistent performance every day
  • Easy to use even for the elderly
  • 5 shower patterns to choose from
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A low and attractive price point combined with excellent performance makes the Joven EC757 a fantastic choice for a water heater, especially if you are on a budget. It has everything that you need in a water heater. It can heat up water instantaneously, is safe to use and is energy efficient as well.


Also, it comes with a shower head that has 5 different sprays that you can experiment with. After a long and stressful day, perhaps you can use the jet spray option to soothe your tired muscles. For a quick shower, using the wide spray will be most effective. After using the shower head a couple of times, you will soon find your favourite one!


If you are searching for a value-for-money option, the Joven EC757 Instant Water Heater is an amazing choice.



Joven Storage Water Heaters Models


There are a total of 4 different product lines for Joven Storage Water Heaters. The models which are more suitable for the Singapore household are usually the more popular ones. Any of the 2 popular storage water heaters recommended below will be a great addition to your home.



5. Joven JH HE Horizontal Storage Water Heater

Joven JH HE Horizontal Storage Water Heater

  • Good and fast water heating
  • Heat elevator technology that saves 20% energy
  • High-quality materials that ensure longevity
  • Secure safety features
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Storage water heaters have a bad reputation for being energy inefficient. That all changes with the Joven JH HE Storage Water Heater! It has the innovative heat elevator technology that makes heating faster and more efficient. A magnetic material is placed within the water heater to weaken the bonds within the water so that convection takes place much faster. You will save money if you choose this Joven Water Heater with HE technology.


Joven Storage Water Heaters are made with the highest quality of materials. From the heating element to the enclosure or even its holding bracket, they are all made to last. That is why they are among the longest-lasting water heaters around.


This product range comes in many different capacities, from 15 litres all the way to 91 litres. For the average Singapore family of 4 to 6 people, a 25 or 35-litre water capacity is usually sufficient. That is why these two are often the most popular choices in Singapore. If you like a long and warm bath, choose one with higher capacity. However, you are unlikely to need anything above 50 litres.


For the best storage water heater with the latest technology, choose the Joven JH HE Horizontal Water Heater.



6. Joven JVA Vertical Storage Water Heater

Joven JVA Vertical Storage Water Heater

  • Very efficient and fast heating performance
  • Top-grade stainless steel tank with 10-year leak warranty
  • Adjustable heating temperature to save electricity
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Vertical water heaters are more efficient than horizontal models. However, they are less popular in Singapore because most of us live in apartments which have little space to fit one. However, if your bathroom does allow for one, the Joven JVA Vertical Storage Water Heater can be a smart choice.


Besides the energy-saving advantages of a vertical water heater, there are also other plus points for the Joven JVA Storage Water Heater. You can control the heating temperature within the tank to 40, 55 or 70 degrees Celsius. If you don’t need very hot water, you could choose a lower setting and save on your electricity bill.


Additionally, this water heater is long-lasting. In fact, its stainless steel water tank is covered with a 10-year leakage warranty. That is how confident Joven is with its storage water heater.


If you are searching for the best vertical storage water heater, get the Joven JVA and it will be your trusty water heaters for many years.



If you are still unsure of which heater to go for, here are our TOP recommendations once more!

  • Joven SA20 Instant Water Heater
  • Joven SB11 Instant Water Heater
  • Joven JH HE Horizontal Storage Water Heater


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