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If you’re looking to sign up for a new MyRepublic broadband / Internet plan, there is a promotion where you can get 10% off your monthly bill. All you have to do is to sign up through our referral link. This only applies to broadband plans at the moment and not to mobile plans. Personally, I have been using MyRepublic for my home internet since it was launched. I’ve always experienced super-fast speeds whether for video streaming, surfing the web, and gaming. I definitely recommend it as I think it is the best ISP in Singapore in terms of performance. Here is a screenshot of my SpeedTest results on a 1GB Fibre Plan. 


MyRepublic Speedtest

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To qualify for the MyRepublic Friends with Benefits promotion, click here to sign up through our referral link. This link will lead you directly to MyRepublic’s sign up page where you either opt to use your SingPass or fill in the form manually. I recommend using the SingPass option if that is available to you because it saves you so much time. By using this direct link to sign up, you’ll be using our referral code which also saves you the trouble of figuring out how to key in the promo and referral code manually. 


How to apply the promo & referral code manually


If you prefer to sign up at another time, here is the information you need to input in order to qualify for the 10% discount. 


Step 1: Key in the promo code (FWB) on the signup page where you select the MyRepublic broadband plan you want

MyRepublic Promo Code


Step 2: Key in our referral code (C1003168) under the Referral Customer ID

MyRepublic Referral Code

Step 3: Enjoy a 10% discount on your broadband plan!


Which MyRepublic broadband plans can you choose from?


So what plans are eligible for this promotion & discount? You can opt for the Ultra 1Gbps, MyRepublic Gamer 1Gbps or 1GBPs Dual Fibre Broadband. Personally, I’m using the Ultra 1Gbps plan which is perfect in terms of both WiFi and LAN connections. If you are an avid gamer and want to ensure super-low ping, you might want to consider the MyRepublic Gamer plan which is useful especially if your game servers are located overseas.

MyRepublic Broadband Plans


Once you have chosen the right broadband plan for you, the next step is to choose which promotion you want. Here’s a screenshot of the current promotion as of August 2020. (Promotions do change pretty regularly so this screenshot may be outdated) Basically, there is always a base option which includes a model. After those, you’ll find promotions where the monthly subscription fee is higher but bundled with things like WiFi Mesh.

MyRepublic Promo Plan


You’ll definitely find a plan which suits your needs. In terms of pricing, MyRepublic is very competitive. In short, you’ll get an affordable Internet plan together with stable and fast connection with MyRepublic!


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Why MyRepublic is the Best ISP in Singapore


MyRepublic has a good track record

Since MyRepublic was launched in 2011, they have grown from strength to strength in all aspects. Personally, we started using MyRepublic very early on when they first started and have experienced smooth service all the way. With their success as an ISP, they have also expanded into providing mobile services. MyRepublic is here to stay!


MyRepublic offers consistently fast broadband speeds

Before switching to MyRepublic, we were never able to enjoy super fast and consistent speeds. Usually, the real-life speed test was never up to the advertised speed. As you can see in the screenshot of the results on, MyRepublic delivers what it promises. With a wired connection on a 1GBPs plan, we were actually able to hit a speed of 934MBps which is amazing.

MyRepublic Speedtest


MyRepublic high level of customer service

On the rare occasions when I had to contact support, the response was always speedy. MyRepublic is also quick to remedy any situation that arises. Recently in May 2020, there was an unfortunate issue with broadband connectivity for some of their subscribers. They immediately acknowledged it on their social media platforms and gave a timely update on what was being done to rectify it. Additionally, they credited a $5 rebate for what was only an hour of outage. That being said, outages have been rare and few since we signed up with MyRepublic.


MyRepublic broadband plans come with a free home line

Beyond its competitive pricing, MyRepublic value-adds to their broadband plans by offering a free home phone line. Additionally, you can make unlimited local calls with this phone line. Although fewer of us are using our home phones nowadays, this free service can potentially save you hundreds a year.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a MyRepublic broadband plan today!

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