SITEX 2019: 6 Reasons For Gamers To Go!

SITEX 2019

SITEX 2019 is happening on the 28th of November all the way to the 1st of December 2019. If you are a gamer, you have to go check out the myriad of gaming offers and events catered specially for you. We’re going to share you with the reasons why you need to head down to Halls 5 and 6 at the Singapore Expo!



1. MSI Gaming Triathlon Challenge


MSI is holding a 1v1 game challenges for you to win very attractive prices. Games include classic favourites like Tetris and Puzzle Bomber to latest releases like FIFA 20. You can find this Gaming Triathlon Challenge at the MSI Carnival Zone!


2. PUBG X Vivo


Are you a fan of the crazily popular PUBG Mobile game? If so, have a go at it see how buttery smooth the gameplay and graphics are when playing it on vivo’s range of smartphones that are fit for mobile gaming. What’s more, get your hands on PUBG Mobile exclusive PUBGM x vivo premiums while at SITEX!


3. Arcade Classics to Roll Back The Years

SITEX 2019 Arcade Classics

Want to reminisce about the good old days of spending your weekends smashing buttons at the arcade? You can do just that at the SITEX Gaming Zone. There are going to be arcade machines with classic games like Bomberman, Mario Kart, Metal Slug X, Super Street Fighter and many more! There’ll also be old-school console systems like the SEGA Saturn, Neo Geo and Playstation One.


4. Board Games like D&D

Gallant Games SITEX 2019

Dungeons & Dragons lovers unite! Gallant Games is going to be organizing games of D&D and Warhammer for you to battle it out in real-life. You’ll get to meet fellow board game lovers and at the same time, test out your skills and strategies against them. 


5. Launch of the Alienware Aurora Desktop R9

Alienware Aurora Desktop R9

If you’re looking for a new gaming desktop, you will be interested in checking out Dell’s booth. Dell is showcasing the new Alienware Aurora Desktop R9. With an ultra-cool and sleek design, it’ll jazz up your entire gaming setup. With top-notch specifications, you’ll enjoy superior performance that will give you the best gaming experience ever. 


6. $380,000 up for grabs at the Digital Arts and Technology Battle Arena


If you’re interested in digital art and would like to pursue an education in it, you’ll be happy to know that EASB has teamed up with SITEX to present a series of game design and art competitions. Winners will walk away with a total of $380,000 worth of scholarships and study grants. This may just be the event to kickstart your education and career in the gaming industry!